Delivery Information


While we do offer delivery within a wide delivery area, we do not ship. The following list is a partial list of the cities to which we deliver, including the cost. In order to schedule delivery, the furniture and delivery fee must be paid in full.

Our Delivery is as Follows:

1) Includes Complimentary Setup at Time of Delivery (Area Must Be Clear Prior To Arrival)

2) We Will NOT Move Existing Furniture – No Exceptions

3) We Do NOT Deliver Upstairs – No Exceptions

4) We Do NOT Haul Off Furniture – No Exceptions

For further information on delivery policy or cost, please call the store at 850-904-6135 or 423-463-0214.


0-10 Miles$49
10-20 Miles$69
20-30 Miles$89
30-40 Miles$109
40-50 Miles$129
50-60 Miles$149
60-70 Miles$169
70-80 Miles$189
80-90 Miles$219
90-100 Miles$249