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How To Get Your Deck Ready For Spring

As the cold weather of winter starts to disappear, people around the world are preparing for the warmer weather of spring. During this time of year, most people spend lots of time outside. One of the best places to spend a gorgeous spring day is on your deck. Millions of homes in the United States have decks attached to them.

If you plan on entertaining this spring and summer, you need to make sure your home deck is ready. Having a spacious deck allows you to entertain a large group of friends and family members. Are you trying to get your deck ready for warm weather? If so, here are some tips you need to follow.

Replace Old and Worn Outdoor Furniture

The main thing you need on your home deck to accommodate guests is durable and comfortable outdoor furniture. Failing to provide your guests with comfortable seating can make it difficult to get them to come back for another spring fling at your home. If you already have pieces of outdoor furniture in place, give it a thorough inspection before inviting guests over this spring.

As time goes by, Mother Nature can do a number on outdoor furniture pieces. If the furniture on your deck is old and flimsy, then you need to replace it immediately. At Sweet Magnolias Furniture and Décor, we have a large selection of outdoor furniture that is built to last. Adding our Ox Bow Benches to your deck will allow you to enhance the rustic appeal it has. Not only are these benches made to last, they are also very affordable.

Give Your Deck a Good Cleaning

Over the winter months, your deck will be exposed to some brutal conditions. In most cases, the wood on your deck will start to show signs of wear if it is not cleaned and sealed properly. Weatherproofing your deck boards can help you extend the life of the deck and avoid significant wood rot issues. You also need to clean off the leaves, dirt and debris that are on your deck before using it to entertain guests.

If you don’t have time to do this work, hiring professionals to give you a hand is a great idea. While you will have to pay for this help, it is definitely a good investment.

Invest in New Lighting

Having to abandon a good time with your guests because the sun goes down can be annoying. If you are tired of your outdoor soirees ending early, it is time to think about investing in new lighting. Before choosing lighting for this area, you need to figure out how many fixtures you need. Consulting with an experienced electrician is a great way to figure out how many lights are needed and how to approach the installation process. With these new lights in place, you can hang out with your friends all night long.

If you are in the market for new outdoor furniture, check out the pieces we have in stock.

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