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Pro Tips For Hanging Wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a big comeback in today’s home decor. Many homeowners have realized that adding wallpaper to a room provides instant decoration, setting the tone for a personalized and distinct style. Wallpaper can do what paint can not; it can bring patterns and colors to a room in a matter of minutes, covering imperfections in plaster and drywall and breathing new life into any space.

While many of us love the look, the process of hanging wallpaper can be intimidating as it seems the task rarely goes as planned. The fact is that there are ways to make the process of hanging wallpaper easier and enjoyable. Try these pro-tips for hanging, aligning, pasting, and trimming wallpaper, and you’ll be hooked on this popular design tool!

Planning Is Crucial

When it comes to wallpapering, pre-planning is crucial to your success. The layout is the first step in planning. Pay attention to the order in which the paper is to be hung to ensure your pattern will remain matched and straight throughout. Plan the best way to begin hanging the first strip of wallpaper in your room; we recommend behind a door if one is present. If you know that your strips will need to be cut to complete the last hanging, use split sheets to paper the corners of your room rather than waiting to cut the last strip hung. This will help your space stay in balance.

Applying Paste

For best results, paint the entire room or area intended to be papered with all primer. As you unroll the wallpaper, drag the paper against the edge of a table or countertop to straighten out the curl. Cut the piece into a few inches longer than the height of your walls and in the same place each cut to ensure the patterns repeat correctly on adjacent walls. Once this is completed, use a paint roller to apply a thin layer of transparent, premixed wallpaper paste along the back of each sheet. To ensure the paste reaches the edges, slide the paper to the end of your table or counter to apply the paste on the ends without getting any on your workspace.

Get The Hang Of Hanging

Book your wallpaper strips per the directions on your product; this will help you hang the sections properly. Begin hanging your first strip of wallpaper by unfolding the top of the booked paper and placing it near a corner or behind a door. Overlap part of the extra inches of the ceiling and slightly into the corner, press into place. Unfold the bottom of the booked strip and carefully paste it to the wall. The bottom of the sheet should overlap with your baseboards. Once you have hung all of the paper, you can carefully trim the overlapping edges to complete the fit.

Once you have the hang of hanging wallpaper, you are likely to leave no wall untouched. Have fun and enjoy bringing your walls to life!

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