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Rustic Living Room Furniture

Rustic living and interiors has taken the world by storm but there is no other place in the world that makes rustic inspired living room furniture than the USA. At Sweet Magnolias in Chattanooga, we have a wide selection of products that are guaranteed to bring the rustic vibe into your home.

Cabana table range

This range of tables come in a variety of sizes to fit any living room. From the 3 drawer sofa table to the coffee table set, this collection will add a rustic feel to the room. Unlike other styles, this range of tables come in a multi-colored finish, giving it a weathered look that has some stories to tell.

Farmhouse coffee table set

If you like your furniture to have a touch of whitewash, then our Farmhouse coffee table set is for you. These beautiful boxed tables have a wonderful white finish around the sides of the cubes, while the natural beauty of the wood shines through on the top. This is the perfect combination of farmhouse and rustic vibes that would not look out of place in your home.

Gatlinburg coffee table set

This farmhouse style coffee table set has plenty of rustic charm. The distressed white wood of the legs gives a wonderful contrast to the dark wood top. These are the perfect for resting a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning. We love the classic look and know that it would look great in your sitting area.

Grand Hacienda range

If you like your rustic furniture with a darker feel, then our Grand Hacienda range is what you are looking for. This beautiful range of wooden accessories will bring an element of elegance to your rustic living room. This would look great with some lamps and chunky knits to help create a cozy look in your living room.

Indian range

With bold black hardware and a lighter wood finish, the Indian range is a real show stopper. This is a perfect example of being a classic piece of rustic furniture. It has the look of being a new piece of furniture but still could have come from a history book. If we could imagine what the first settlers had in their homes during the pioneer days, this would be it.

Loft range

If you prefer to have your rustic vibe feel closer to reclaimed wood, then this is the range for you. The darker colors give it a slightly more contemporary feel but the style is definitely rustic. This is great if you can’t decide on the style of your room and want something that can meet in the middle.

Olde white range

This range of units is similar to some of our other ranges but it leans into the rustic vibe that none of the others can manage. These pieces, despite being brand new, scream antique and old. It is a beautiful range of tables that will bring a feeling of the old world into your home.

Ox Bow Range

If you are after something that is a bit on the plain side but still holds the rustic elegance of a dark wood, then you need to see the Ox Bow range. The curves of the legs are splendid with the dark wood finish. If you would prefer your wood to be painted white, our Shenandoah range has a similar appearance but with whitewashed legs.

Ponderosa range

Sometimes, it is the simple designs which are the best. The Ponderosa range is a simple yet classic rustic design. The main difference is the color of the wood. With a dark stain it can add a brooding feel to your living room, giving it a more adult vibe.

Prairie range

Is there anything more rustic than the name, Prairie? Taking inspiration from the times that shaped America, the Prairie range is a simple but stylish range that invokes a feeling of the past. Using slatted wood at the bottom, we can’t help but feel that this is taken straight from the history books. If you are not a fan of the painted wood, our Riverwalk range has a similar design but has no paint.

Pueblo Gray range

If you like your rustic designs with a farmyard vibe, then the Pueblo Gray is exactly what you need. Taking inspiration from chicken coops and barn doors, this range is unique with its complex design for doors and drawers. However, if you are not a fan of gray, it also comes in a white range.

Rivera range

The distressed look is in with the Rivera range. This dark wood range has large hardware that is almost medievil in its look. If we didn’t know that it was made in our workshop in Chattanooga, we would guess it had come straight out of a monastery.

Slate range

It is not often that you will find a complete range of furniture, including couches, to fill your living room with rustic charm, but we have managed it with the Slate range. From the gentle curve of the couch sides to the straight lines of the Slate Canyon tables, your room will be filled with rustic charm that will have your guests talking.

If you are looking for a way to bring the rustic feeling into your home, we have you covered. From our wide selection of tables, tv cabinets and wall units, we have everything that you could think of for your living room. And, as everything we have is made here at Sweet Magnolias in Chattanooga, we can guarantee that we can customize every piece to reflect your individual style but still give the rustic vibes that you are after.

If you have any questions about the services that we can offer, call by and see us in our showroom. You can search through the ranges yourself and see with your own eyes the high quality craftsmanship that goes into every piece that we create. Our friendly staff is waiting to help to transform your living room today.