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Rustic farmhouse: The old meets new!

Decorating Your Home with Rustic Furniture

Decorating your home with rustic farmhouse furniture is an excellent way of adding a unique touch to your farmhouse home. Rustic furniture brings natural beauty to your home, and it is also an affordable way of incorporating the rustic style. Furniture stores in Chattanooga offer cheap rustic furniture like bedroom furniture, and dining room furniture, for instance, that would be suitable for any farmhouse. In this piece, we have outlined some helpful tips on how you can decorate your home with rustic furniture, and get excellent results.

How to Choose the Right Rustic Furniture for Your Farmhouse

While adding rustic furniture to your farmhouse is nice, you must ensure that you get the right furniture for an elegant look. Otherwise, you may not end up with the results you want. Thus, it would be best to follow the tips outlined below for the best results.

  • Simplicity. If you are thinking about rustic design, simplicity should be the first thing in your mind. Ideally, for bedroom furniture, kitchen furniture, or dining room furniture, the wood is usually left exposed, to show most of its natural elements. Thus, it would be best if you went for rustic furniture Chattanooga with that unfinished design element.
  • Dark color. The color of the furniture you choose will also determine how rustic it looks. Primarily, rustic farmhouse furniture should be dark in color. Going for bright furniture will not bring that rustic effect you are looking for in your farmhouse.
  • Look at the wooden design. The best rustic designs come from wood. Thus, when you are looking for rustic furniture designs, it would be best to go for wooded ones.

Additionally, you have to follow the following rules for you to end up with the best look.

  • Go for worn. The rustic design you choose should have a worn and old look, regardless of whether it a piece of furniture for the bedroom, kitchen, or the sitting room. For instance, when you buy a rustic bed, you can add some form of paint treatment to bring the rustic effect adequately.
  • Don’t apply coats of paint on rustic furniture. Applying a paint coating on your rustic furniture is not a good idea, unless if you are using crackle paint on it. Painting the rustic furniture makes it lose its rustic effect. Thus, it would be best to have it remain with the original dark color you bought it.
  • Avoid chic designs. A rustic decor should always evoke simplicity to anyone who comes into your home. Hence, it would be best to avoid using classy fabrics in your rustic theme farmhouse. Every piece in your home should bring out that rustic effect naturally.
  • Keep your space airy. Keeping your house airy is the best way to bring out that rustic effect in all your rooms. You can blend the dining area, and your living room by not using dividers, for starters.
  • Natural fibers. The best materials to blend your rustic style would be natural fibers like cotton. Moreover, it would be best to avoid using heavy materials because the primary goal behind the rustic look is simplistic.

Rustic Wood Types for Rustic Furniture Chattanooga

Various types of rustic woods are used to making rustic furniture. It would be best to buy a set with the same type of wood for an excellent look, or you can also assort them creatively. Thus, you must know the various woods used to make rustic furniture for your shopping convenience.

Aspen Furniture

Aspen furniture gets crafted by using the hand, and the resulting piece is fantastic. Artisans do the designing of the aspen furniture, but the finishing is usually done by highly skilled craftsmen to create a superb piece. The process is long and complicated, but it is worth it. You will enjoy using the resulting piece for many years. Aspen wood is light in color, evenly grained, and it is amazingly durable. Its strength makes it last for a substantial amount of time, meaning you can use it for many years.

Cedar Furniture

The cedar wood furniture has a fantastic scent that brings out a charming rustic appeal naturally. Many people who buy dining, bedroom, or kitchen furniture made of red cedar, prefer having it unfurnished because of its abundant natural quality. It is stable, and it cannot get damaged by moisture or decay. Moreover, it also has a natural preservative, which helps in resisting termites. It is efficient because you can use it anywhere, for instance, outdoors, in a sauna, or even in your bathroom.

Moreover, cedarwood is strong and adequate to use. It is why many carpenters prefer using it because it is also easy to drill through it. In truth, it is a superb choice for any person to use to add a unique variety to their rustic theme.

Hickory Furniture

The hickory log is fantastic because it brings out a vintage look to your home. While it is lovely, it is also durable. Its vintage look adds a unique touch to your farmhouse rustic theme. The hickory logs are bent to create unique pieces of furniture, but the hickory logs used in making beds are required to remain thick, so they are not bent.

Pine Furniture

The pinewood is white, and it contains fine grains. The furniture made out of pine wood is vintage, which creates an elegant rustic look in your house. Most of the rustic furniture made out of pine wood gets used in the kitchen, but it could blend well with a bedroom as well. Blending rustic pine and cedar furniture in your home would be excellent because of the color that cedar. Moreover, pinewood is also durable.

Willow Furniture

Willow furniture is a unique type of rustic furniture that is made by willow twigs. They are bent into the desired shape by the artisans, and when they are dry, they become rigid but very comfortable. Additionally, when harvesting willow twigs, the willow tree does not die because you will only collect a small percentage of it. Thus, the process of making willow furniture is also environmentally friendly.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

The rustic furniture made out of reclaimed wood creates a uniquely elegant look for your home. It is made by recycling wood, which was used to make other furniture, or from wood that was used to build structures across America. The structures and furniture that the woods is obtained from are mostly over 90 years old, which makes the resulting rustic furniture to be amazingly unique.

White Cedar Furniture

White cedar wood is quite similar to pine because of its rustic white color. The white cedar furniture is durable, and it also offers superb comfort. It darkens with time, which creates a more rustic look to your home.

Alder Furniture

Alder wood appears white when it is first cut, but the color turns dark brown, and it later turns red when exposed to air. It is a superb wood to use in making rustic furniture because of its reddish color. It is exceptional, especially in creating furniture for your living room.

Incorporating rustic furniture in your home is an excellent idea of creating a unique look for your farmhouse. However, you have to get your rustic furniture from the best source out of the many furniture stores in Chattanooga to get the best result. Our furniture store offers cheap rustic furniture made from the best materials, which guarantees you durability and comfort. Additionally, we also offer delivery services within the Chattanooga metropolitan area, enhancing your experience with us. Thus, if you are looking for rustic furniture Chattanooga, be sure to contact us for the best services.

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