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Things To Consider Before Buying a New Sofa

The average homeowner works very hard to keep the inside of their residence looking great. A well-appointed living room can make the rest of your home seem more appealing. However, there will come a time when the décor, furniture or paint in your living room will need to be updated.

On average, consumers in the United States spend over $115 billion on new bedding and furniture annually. The sofa is usually one of the main areas people gravitate to in a living room. If the sofa you have in place is either damaged or uncomfortable, you need to replace it.

Finding the right sofa will be much easier if you take into consideration the factors mentioned below.

Inspect the Sofa’s Frame

There are certain elements on a sofa that can be replaced as they age. These elements are things like the cushions or the fabric used to cover the sofa. One of the things you can’t change about your sofa is the frame it was constructed on. Ideally, you want to choose a new sofa that has a durable and well-built frame. A good frame will be able to support lots of weight, which is a good thing if you entertain lots of people in your living room.

Cheaper sofas have frames that are built from flimsy particleboard. If you want a high-quality sofa that will last, you need to find one with a hardwood frame. The type of wood used to construct this frame is also something you should consider. Most experts maintain that kiln-dried hardwoods like ash or oak make the best sofa frames. While you may have to pay a bit more for these well-constructed sofas, it will be worth it due to how long they will last.

Figure Out What Is Holding The Sofa Together

Once you figure out what a sofa’s frame is made of, you need to dig a bit deeper before buying it. The next thing you should consider before buying a particular sofa is what has been used to put it together. Cheaper sofas will be held together by glues, staples and possible nails. While these materials can be great reinforcements for a sofa, they should not be the only materials holding this piece of furniture together.

Higher quality furniture is usually put together using double wooden dowels, metal screws or corner blocks of wood. The only way to ensure the sofa you purchase lasts for years to come is by choosing a piece with well-made joinery.

Make Sure The Sofa Will Fit Your Living Room

Before you go out in search of a new sofa, you need to take the time to measure your living room. Having these measurements can help you narrow down the selection of sofas on the market. Failing to prepare for the sofa buying process can lead to lots of regret in the future.

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