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Three Unlikely Best-Sellers in our Furniture Catalog

Maybe when you think high-end furniture, you think all angular steel and glass – but that’s really not a preference all across the board. Many of our customers are choosing some of the more eccentric-looking and creative elements to tie their home decor together.


What do we mean? Here are some of the interesting items that we’re selling a lot of in 2021, as the new year comes on strong.


Goat Hides


Yes, we have cured goat hides available for rug or flooring use, or for putting over a piece of furniture. Why do people want natural animal hides in their homes?


One reason is the innate style of having one of these items as part of your home furnishings. People have been doing this for centuries, and it’s a kind of quaint style that appeals to some people who like to rekindle their relationship with nature and the food chain.


Rustic Wood Furniture


To go along with those rustic coat hides (and the cow hides that we also sell,) many customers choose pieces of our rustic wood furniture with live-edge surfaces (surfaces showing some of the natural tree bark or signs of timbering,) or other natural-looking design.


Going with wood doesn’t mean you always want factory-machined and generically crafted pieces with sharp angles and smooth-sanded services. Sometimes you want the attraction of the natural wood in a way that shows superior craftsmanship. Planed wood can be used in many different ways, with or without a live-edge attached. Take a look at our catalog for more on how the “cut” of the wood makes a difference, and what the options are to make your property look fantastic.


Big Four-Posters


Many people balk at the idea of moving a large wooden or traditional four-poster bed into a second story or third story bedroom.


After it’s there, though, this type of bed really brings some unique authentic historic context to a room or space.


Some of our customers like to combine a traditional four-poster wooden bed frame with rich and exquisite canopies or tapestries that hang down as they did in the Victorian age and older eras, to keep sleepers warmer and more comfortable at night.


These are just some of the ‘dark horse’ products that you might not think of straightaway when you look at the furniture catalog. We have all of the modernist stuff, too – our selection is second to none. Take some time and browse, and let us know if you have any questions! Happy shopping!


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