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Tips For Creating Your Dream Home Bar

Whether your existing home bar needs updating or you are ready to turn unused space into your dream bar, we have a few tips to lift your spirits. From small-scale nook to full tavern, here’s what you need to know to turn your home into your favorite local hangout.

Match Your Mood

Your home bar doesn’t have to be all things to all people; it simply needs to match your idea of a good time. Begin your initial planning by determining the type of mood of your dream bar. From laid-back rustic relaxation to modern uptown sleek, your bar’s aesthetic will distinguish the kind of experience you and your guests have in the space. Once you have established this theme, your perfect home bar will begin to take shape.

Select The Seating

Comfortable seating is a must for any bar, primarily your home bar. This space is meant for you to unwind after a long day and entertain friends for hours into the night. Proper bar stools harken back to your old favorite hang out, and lounge chairs provide an inviting place to relax and have meaningful conversations. Choose your seating based on your space and your intentions for how your bar will be enjoyed. If space is limited, consider how your seating can provide multiple uses, such as adding to the kitchen’s living area or breakfast bar.

Light Up The Night

Lighting is a crucial aspect of your experience in your home bar. We recommend a variety of lighting systems be used so that you can accommodate various needs. Place dimmers on your lights to provide ambiance and even fun, colorful strands of lights behind the bar to add a fun laid back vibe. Small lamps placed on bar tables or to illuminate the bottles give the country club the feel you may seek after a long day at work.

Stock The Bar

No one wants to belly up to an unstocked bar. Your home bar needs a small refrigerator for keeping alcohol, juices, and water cold. If possible, choose one with an ice maker or purchase a separate ice-making machine to keep those glasses filled at all times. Proper tools such as bottle openers, wine openers, knives, and stirrers should be kept at arm’s length away. Don’t rely on your kitchen to provide what you will need; go ahead and buy duplicates of these essential tools specifically for your bar.

Making The Most Of Your Space

You don’t need an entire room to designate space for your home bar. Think outside the box and take a look around your home and property for unused or underutilized space. You may be able to transform part of a porch or barn into the perfect hang-out. Or maybe rethink how you use your dining room or living room and incorporate a bar area that will revive that space’s use.

Remember, your home bar is your oasis; make it your own and enjoy!

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