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Tips For Incorporating Foilage Into Your Home Decor

Nature calms the soul. Incorporating greenery and foliage into your home decor provides not only a natural element but also invigorates your space. We associate freshness with floral decor that increases the friendly and comfortable vibe of our home. The earthiness of natural woods, dried vines, and other foliage give any decor aesthetic just the right balance of the natural world.

You don’t have to be an expert floral arranger or have a green thumb to enjoy the incorporation of foliage into your space. With these tips, you can easily enhance your home with the beauty of nature.

Hanging Greenery

Hanging plants from the ceiling is the perfect way to add a touch of graceful greenery to your room. Not only does this save space in small areas, but it also keeps plants off of the floor and brings the eyes upwards, enhancing the feel of your room. Foliage such as spider plants, indoor ivy, and jade plants are low maintenance choices that provide naturally beautiful cascades of green. Adding hanging plants in reading nooks, entryways, and breakfast rooms offer a breath of fresh air and oxygen boost!

Floral Fun

Arranging flowers can be intimidating, especially when you get lost in the sea of beautiful blooms without a direction. Overcome being overwhelmed by merging flowers and greenery with your artwork for an aesthetically pleasing display. Take inspiration from the floral paintings in your home or other natural elements such as the view outside of your window, and choose your flowers accordingly.

You can even use dried foliage from your yard to create a chic floral design that seamlessly brings the outdoors inside. Not only do dried bouquets and flower arrangements last a long time, but they also don’t require any attention or water!

Grapevines A Plenty

Dried grapevines are typically used in holiday wreaths; however, they are also the perfect material for many other inspired home decor ideas. Grapevine can be wrapped around candlesticks to provide a rustic touch to your mantle. It can also be painted white and draped through your chandelier to add a shabby chic look to your dining area. Add twisted grapevines and tea light candles to your tablescape for a dramatic natural flare your dinner guests will never forget. The amount of creative uses is almost endless with grapevine, making this raw material perfect for any style, occasion, and season.


Foilage doesn’t have to mean leave and petals; it can also be the natural elements of wood that you pick up on your walks. Driftwood is perfect for placing in a fireplace during the summer months or painted and used as bookends on your bookshelves. Consider using driftwood or limbs in oversized floor vases for a touch of nature in any room.

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